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DOWN & OUTS - Forgotten Streets LP OUT NOW!!

We were due to put the pre-order up today for the new Down & Outs album but we got some great news this morning - the LPs will be here on Mon/Tue, a week earlier than expected.  It means we don't have to worry about a pre-order as the records will be shipping out early next week, as soon as we get them!

The Down & Outs have been one of my favourite UK bands for the past 8 years and needless to say we're super excited to release their new album on All In Vinyl.  Easily their best album yet, carrying on from where "Friday Nights..." left off -  hit after hit!  For those who haven't heard them before, they play melodic anthemic punk rock in the vein of One Man Army, Cock Sparrer, Dillinger Four and The Clash.  This and the Murderburgers record are my two most listened to albums of the year, which is a pretty good indication of just how good I think they are!

As with all our releases, the record comes with a full digital download.  You can hear 2 songs from the album and purchase it from here -

This is a co-release with Yo-Yo Records, so if you live in mainland Europe you may want to get it through them to save on postage.  The CD version is available through Boss Tuneage and the Down & Outs will be releasing a digital version of the album sometime next month.

Posted on August 3rd, 2012