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Finally we can announce all the details for the new 7" series... Hopefully you think it's worth the wait!  We're super excited to be releasing records from all 12 of these bands.  The first 2 records are at the pressing plant now and are will be sent out in late November.  If you pre-order either record (or the series) then you get an instant download so you can listen to them in the meantime.

It's the same format as previous series, each 7" has 1 UK and 1 US / Canadian band, with 2 songs from each.  There will be limited colour variants again (/100) for those who subscribe to the whole series .  You can, of course, buy any of the 7"s individually - they also come on colour vinyl with a digital download.  Lubrano (from Iron Chic) is doing the artwork for the whole series and the covers are being screen-printed by Get A Grip again, so you know it's going to look great.  We will also be running the same test press contest as previous years for everyone who subscribes.

Punknews will be streaming every 7" as it comes out, with first 2 records coming in the next few days

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Posted on October 19th, 2012