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Series 1 COMPLETE!

The first six split 7"s are now all finished and available, completing series one.  Each 7" features one UK band and one US band, with 2 songs from each.  You can hear a song from each of the bands that took part on their profile page here

We have just a handful of the limited covers series subscriptions left but we are now also offering the series in the regular covers and have reduced postage costs as much as possible.  A couple of the 7"s are very low on numbers so if you are wanting a copy of the whole series don't wait too long!

There will be a series 2 and we have a couple of bands confirmed already.  It will follow the same format and the aim is to release them between March and October next year.  Hopefully in around a months time I will be able to announce more details and the first few bands.

In the meantime, if you live in the UK be sure to check out our online distro ( where we stock a large selection of punk rock records for cheap prices.  If you want to trade releases be sure to get in touch and we'll sort something out -

Posted on September 16th, 2010