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THE STATE LOTTERY / THE 255s - Split 7" AIV008

2 bands that are like fine wine, they just get better and better with time! The State Lottery return with their usual mix of upbeat punk rock n roll with large doses of saxophone and piano. More great melodies and lyrics help give this song a great party vibe! The 255s continue where they left off from Broadcasting, this time as a four-piece, resulting in a slightly faster punk rock sound. Fans will be pleased to know it fits perfectly in with their Superchunk / Smoking Popes influenced style of mid-90s indie!

This is the second release in our second series of split 7"s. There is an instant digital download for anybody who orders this!


  1. Open Your Eyes (The State Lottery)
  2. Pop Song 2011 (The 255s)
  3. Acting Class (The 255s)

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100 on Grey Vinyl (Series Subscriptions - SOLD OUT), 200 on Orange Vinyl

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