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What can be said about The Arrivals that hasn't been said before? The most accurate review I ever read about them was that "some bands spend decades trying to write songs this good but the Arrivals seem to have them stockpiled". They have far too many influences to sum up their style in one sentence but if you like intelligent melodic punk rock full of hooks you need to hear this band.

The Arteries are a punk rock band from Swansea in Wales who never stop touring! Influenced by the late 90s Epitaph/Fat Wreck sound as well as a good old dose of classic metal, they continue on from where they left off with "Dead Sea" - a frenzy of guitars, punchy bass, fast & tight drumming and distinctive sharp vocals.

1. Sold Short (The Arrivals)
2. Finding My Station (The Arrivals)
3. Kings Of Shit (The Arteries)
4. Quality Control (The Arteries)

They come with screen-printed covers, colour vinyl and a free download code.

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100 on Brown Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
400 on Green Vinyl

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