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Cheap Girls / Above Them 7" AIV 006

The 6th and final 7" in our first split series features Cheap Girls from Michigan and Above Them from Pontefract.

Cheap Girls continue with their much loved 90s, indie driven pop-punk style with theses latest offerings. Dim lights is a brand new track, one of their more upbeat songs, and a soon to be classic. The version of Sunnyside on this release was actually recorded during the "Find Me A Drink Home" sessions and has a suprisingly different, more raw feel to the version that went on to "My Roaring 20s"

Above Them have been leading the UK punk scene, with their fast melodic "HWM-esque" sing along anthems, for quite some time now. Without a doubt they just get better and better, and these 2 songs certainly show that.... After a few listens these songs will be stuck in your head all day long

Track Listing
1. Cheap Girls - Dim Lights
2. Cheap Girls - Sunnyside (original)
3. Above Them - These Long Days
4. Above Them - The Take

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Pressing Information

300 on white vinyl, 240 with red covers, 60 with yellow covers (subscription only)
300 on red vinyl all with light purple covers & red artwork

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