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Split 7" AIV018

Since it only took them 4 years to get their full length out, Arms Aloft thought they'd go crazy and celebrate their new found prolific songwriting by releasing a split 7" as well. One brand new song and a cover played with their familiar raw, gritty, yet melodic sound.

Apparently Leagues Apart play "generic trendy punk" and "sound like their singing and being sick simultaneously". I'm not sure what's trendy about being England's drunken/gravelly/Northern answer to Captain We're Sinking, but who are we to argue.

This is the 1st in our 3rd series of split 7"s. They all come on colour vinyl, include a digital download and have hand printed covers with the art done by Lubrano from Iron Chic.

I just found 4 of the Fest copies - I thought we were out, get them while you can!

Pressing Information

100 on Yellow
200 on Purple
40 on Black (Fest XI Test Presses)


  1. A Psalm For Our Jobs and Apartments
  2. The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton
  3. Coda
  4. New Breed
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