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Split 7" AIV019

Timeshares carry on where they left off from last years excellent debut LP "Bearable". Using their instantly recognisable vocal melodies they produce more catchy choruses that are sure to become a feature of their live set . One of the few bands who manage to successfully transfer the energy from their live show to record.

Dividers, from Swansea, have been touring round the UK for the past couple of years playing great melodic pop-punk with a gruff edge. Catchy guitar interplay with big dual harmonies in a similar vein to bands like Get Bent and Spraynard.

This is the 2nd record in our 3rd series of split 7"s. They all come on colour vinyl, include a digital download and have screen printed covers with the art done by Lubrano from Iron Chic.

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Pressing Information

100 on Red Vinyl (Series Subscription)
200 on White Vinyl


  1. Young Man Songs
  2. No Says The Nose
  3. Childhood Haunts
  4. There's No Disgrace Like Home
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