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Split 7" AIV022


The bands on this 7" are the perfect example of quality over quantity. Both formed in 2006 and have released just 2 albums and a handful of EPs between them in a combined 14 years!

For Canadian Rifle, from Chicago, this is their first release in nearly 3 years. Their 2 songs are a further continuation of the new direction they started on the Facts 7". The result is a darker, raw, scrappy, bitter sound that should both please fans of Zero Visibility and excite those awaiting their new full length later this year.

Zapiain are a melodic punk rock band form Yorkshire. They carry on exactly where they left on their excellent debut album, drawing comparisons to Australia's finest, Blueline Medic. I would try to write my own description of them but Steve from Bombed Out has already perfected it: "They blend melodic hook filled punk and heartfelt lyrics with intricate distorted guitars, an aggressive rhythm section and gravelly, soulful vocals."

This is the 3rd record in our 3rd series of split 7"s. They all come on colour vinyl, include a digital download and have hand printed covers with the art done by Lubrano from Iron Chic.

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Pressing Information

100 on Blue, 200 on Grey


  1. Zapiain - Scapegoat
  2. Zapiain - You Always Said It Was
  3. Canadian Rifle - Fire & Born