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Heavy Heart

HEAVY HEART are a punk band from Nantes in France. To me, their sound lies somewhere between modern US pop punk and 90s emo. Kind of. Think IRON CHIC, BANNER PILOT, THE MENZINGERS, THE GET UP KIDS, etc. But French. And just as vital. Heaps of melody, emotive lyrics and vocal grit in all the right places.

There's a link to a couple of the songs at the bottom of this listing so go and check them out. Full streaming of the LP coming nearer elease date.

A1 - Unravel
A2 - Silent
A3 - Poison
A4 - Night Words
A5 - Worrier
B1 - Caged
B2 - Respite
B3 - Faces
B4 - Out Of Reach
B5 - Desert

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