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Ann Beretta / Dead Cuts

Amazing Split Vinyl record with four Exclusive BRAND NEW SONGS !!!
With Senseless Things frontman Mark Keds, ex Gorillaz stick-man Cass Browne, guitar master Jerome Alexandre and Joseph Johns on bass, Deadcuts are going from strength to strength. Mixing the cerebral bile of Magazine, the lyrical suss of Wire, P.I.L.’s powerhouse of sonic-artillery, the otherworldly damaged glamour of The Only Ones, The Banshee’s intoxicating tribal charms, The Bunnymen’s ethereal invocations and Queens of the Stoneage’s melodic brutality – Deadcuts offer up their own caustic brew, a razor’s glint through the darkest of nights
Ann Beretta is a punk band from Richmond, Virginia. Formed in 1996
Often compared to bands such as RANCID, THE CLASH, THE JAM, and SWINGIN' UTTERS, ANN BERETTA take straight forward punk rock, combine it with rockabilly, a little country, and a whole lotta rock-n-roll and create cool, rocking' and catchy tunes that have become hits with kids across the world.The band spent several years on tour playing with bands including Hot Water Music, ALL, the Bouncing Souls, Less Than Jake and city-mates Avail. They have released albums on Fueled by Ramen and Lookout! Records!