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TRAVERSE are a Parisian punk band featuring some of the guys from WANK FOR PEACE & THE HELLTONS (amongst others). Those of you who've been paying attention might remember I helped release their first 7" back in 2016. Well this is 11 brand new songs of anthemic, sing-a-long, punk smashes covering failure, self-hatred, depression & hope. It's even better than the 7" and that really isn't as easy thing to pull off! The full thing is downloadable via Bandcamp via a 'pay what you want' deal so there's really no reason to not check it out. You can also buy it on vinyl of course......

A1 - Firestarter
A2 - Asymptotes
A3 - Meridians
A4 - La Forme D'une Ville
A5 - It Takes A Lot To Get Home
A6 - Situations
B1 - Future Ghosts
B2 - I’ll Never Be Missed
B3 - Catch A Glimpse
B4 - Lights In July
B5 - We Sometimes Sleep But Never Dream