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Robot Bachelor
The Third House Boat Album

Robot Bachelor is the latest in a series of unfortunately named pop punk bands fronted by Grath Madden (House Boat, The Steinways, at least three other bands you’ve never heard of). This time Luke McNeill (The Copyrights, Hospital Job, Starter Jackets) plays drums, Noelle Stolp (Rational Anthem) plays bass, and everybody sings. But don’t worry, it still sounds like all the other ones.

The Third House Boat Album is a pop punk record of appropriate length featuring an appropriate number of songs. It was recorded over an appropriate number of days in August, 2016 by Luke McNeill in his luxurious basement in scenic Springfield, IL. Additional vocals were recorded a few weeks later in Jon Vafiadis’ plush Forest Hills, NY apartment by, appropriately, Jon Vafiadis. Remaining bits and pieces were recorded by Grath Madden in his dilapidated hobo den in Astoria, NY. The record was mixed and mastered by Luke, although I wasn’t there, so I have no way of proving that.

A1 - Glass Apartments
A2 - You're Thinking Nothing
A3 - Today The World, Tomorrow Your Love
A4 - Oh Katie
A5 - Mixtape
A6 - I'd Rather Be Washing A Dog
B1 - Interviewing Voices In My Head
B2 - The Lodge
B3 - Night Bird
B4 - When You Give Up
B5 - East Of West #21
B6 - Up All Night