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IRON CHIC / PACER - Split 7" AIV 007

The first 7" in our second series of split 7"s, this time around featuring the mighty Iron Chic and Pacer. They released two of the best records of 2010 and now New York and London's finest have come together to kick things off. With both bands you can talk about them being jam packed with ex-members of x, y and z but they are so good in their own right they need no sales pitch!

2 brand new songs from each band. Each 7" comes on colour vinyl with screen-printed covers and a digital download. The artwork for this series is being done by Joe from Calvinball, so expect it to look as good as it sounds!


  1. Those Heads Are Our Heads (Iron Chic)
  2. Climate Is What We Expect, Weather Is What We Get (Iron Chic)
  3. Throwback (Pacer)
  4. Bricklayer (Pacer)

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Pressing Information

1st Pressing (cream covers) of 500 all SOLD OUT, 100 on Blue (available with series subscription) and 400 on White

2nd Pressing (black covers) of 300 on Yellow vinyl

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