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Series 2 COMPLETE 7" Collection

All 6 releases in the second series of the All In Vinyl split 7"s. Each release has 4 songs, 2 from a UK band and 2 from a US band, released on colour vinyl with screen-printed covers and a digital download for each.

This is what you get...

Iron Chic / Pacer (yellow vinyl / black cover)
New Bruises / The Amistad (red vinyl)
The State Lottery / The 255s (orange vinyl)
The Arrivals / The Arteries (green vinyl)
Elway / The Magnificent (clear vinyl)
The Gamits / The Murderburgers (blue vinyl)

The artwork for this series is being done by Joe from Calvinball, with a traditional British animals theme, so expect it to look as good as it sounds!

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