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Rattled Minds

"We released the first God Equals Genocide 7”, This World Is Wearing Me Down, in 2007. It was a decision that I gave a lot of thought. Daryl, the bassist for GEG, works at Razorcake. He’s since become a director. From several steps away, it reeked of nepotism. From up close, it’s pure awesome. Fuckit; I really like GEG. They’re one of my favorite bands. They’re local. I know their ethics and practices match up with mine and with Razorcake’s. Why be a dick and not release their debut, the Life of Doubt 7”, a split 7” with Shang-a-Lang, then the It Wasn’t Made for Us 7”? Why not release their debut full-length LP, Rattled Minds, and do something stupid/genius with the vinyl version? Rattled Minds sounds like worlds falling apart, while worlds are being created. Sort of like life. Imperfect, beautiful, disappointing, fractured, irreducible, wonderful life. They’re a punk band. With melody. With shambolic, effervescent spirit. LP includes a bonus EP from their alterego group, Dumbag Daryl & the GEG Bags. –Todd Taylor"

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