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Freak Wave is four old friends whose musical paths have crossed in different ways for over a decade. Featuring Neil Moog and Mike Hodson (Kill Whitey), Adrian Lombardi (MYC/ Blueline Medic) and Andy Hayden (A Death In The Family) Freak Wave launched straight into recording their first batch of tracks during Winter 2013, enlisting the help of Michael 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald (The Smith Street Band) to record and mix the 6 songs in various lounge rooms around Melbourne.

"So they mightn't be the youngest dogs on the block but Freak Wave nail the rousing spirit of 90's indie rock. With an A-grade pedigree (MYC, Blueline Medic, A Death In The Family, Kill Whitey) the Melbourne band blend the melodic sheen of Superchunk with the spirited snarl of Knapsack." - TIM SCOTT (Teenage Hate, The Thousands) FOR FANS OF: Archers Of Loaf, Samiam, Guided By Voices

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