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Bullfighter AIV027

Exclusive European release of Wringer's 'Bullfighter' LP. This is a co-release with Get A Grip who screen-printed all the covers.

Lookout era pop-punk at its finest... Seriously this is one of the best pop punk albums for a long long time!

"If you like pop-punk then I’d have to say this is an essential listen as we’re not blessed with bands this good every day of the week." -

"This is pop punk the way it’s SUPPOSED to be done — solid songwriting, excellent harmonies throughout, and good lyrics. They keep it light without getting goofy, and melodic and energetic without every song sounding the same." -

"Seriously, this is liberating, reinvigorating music. This record has forced me to retry a few things that I'd forgotten about, like skateboarding and feeling feelings." -

"This is the best debut album that I’ve heard in quite some time. I knew this band was good, I even said when they finally release an album it’s going to be great, but I didn’t expect this." -

“Not audio diarrhea.” -

"On any given song you can hear hints of everything from Swingin’ Utters to Avail to Off With Their Heads to ALL to Pegboy to Sinkhole to The Truents to The Riverdales. Seriously this band has done their homework and has masterfully blended together all of the best elements that punk rock has to offer." -

"This album is just killer, such great songwriting, super catchy, lots of fun." -

Pressing Information

50 on Red, 50 on Black


  1. íEncierro!
  2. Hello, Nurse!
  3. Mammoth Cave pt. II
  4. American Grandstand
  5. Never, Again
  6. Closed Book
  7. Blue & Black
  8. 15 Minutes In Denton
  9. Eazy-E Had Nights Like This
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