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Hospital Job
Never Get Cold

01 - Tried It All, Trying Again
02 - Hey Hey
03 - Never Sleep Again
04 - Autograph
05 - In On The Pill Taker
06 - Hopper Scene
07 - First Place In Competitive Gravedigging
08 - Anchor
09 - Libertine
10 - Punishment Poll
11 - Old Dynamite
12 - Snowing Sand

Never Get Cold is Hospital Job's third album in as many years. Some bands are overflowing with things to say and music to play. Hospital Job is one of these bands. Each album reads like a day-in-the-life journal entry by an everyday guy doing everyday things, but set to paper in way that showcases the trivial day-to-day in such a way that expands and explodes the importance of these moments that would otherwise pass by without much notice. Every big thing in life is made up of smaller parts and pieces. Being able to recognize the importance in the small things is a gift. Transforming the mundane into the exceptional is a skill. Hospital Job excels at doing both. Musically speaking, Never Get Cold takes those smaller pieces - the melodies, harmonies, hooks, and beats - and shares them in an assembly that is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. As a whole, it's a beautiful thing. Though a little slower overall than past efforts, Never Get Cold is a more concentrated and driving album, and never short of those crucial hooks.

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