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Vanilla Pod
Goodbye My Love... 7"

4 track random colour vinyl 7"

Twenty three years. I'm sure there aren't many things you've managed to keep at for twenty three years. It's a long time, and sticking with something for that long would require more than an ounce of commitment.

Somehow Vanilla Pod have managed it. Even though this is their final year they've still managed to stick together for 23 years, and have an impressive back catalogue – six albums and several singles – to show for it.

Goodbye My Love will be the band's swansong; a four track EP of blistering punk rock showing a band that never slowed down and always stayed true to who they are. Available on limited edition coloured vinyl, released by a whole host of labels the band calls friends.

A1 - Disgracer
A2 - Grey
B1 - Waster
B2 - G.O.B

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