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Giant Eagles
Second Landing

The Dutch punk rock super group Giant Eagles are back with their sophomore album “Second Landing”. Their first album “Giant Egos” was released in 2014 and sold out very quickly. “Second Landing” takes things up a notch this second time around.
Main songwriter Marien Nicotine (Windowsill/ex-Apers) really delivers with a bunch of super dark Pop Punk songs about Murder, Suicide, Zombies, Killer Snakes and Dictators!
Punkrock veterans Ivo Backbreaker (Apers/Lone Wolf/Windowsill) Ox Accelerator (Lone Wolf) and El Spoocho make “Second Landing” an outstanding listen, loaded with some of the catchiest songs imaginable. If you’re looking for an album of the year type album then look no further. You’ve found it.

01. Bloodlust Tonight
02. Everything is Lost
03. My Wish Is Your Command
04. Evil Robot Nation
05. I Don't Love Nobody
06. Lost My Heart Overseas
07. Anaconda
08. Soundbound
09. Supreme
10. Outta Love
11. Zombie Apocalypse
12. Put One in The Chamber