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This Won't Hurt

Methadones 2007 album on vinyl for the first time. This Won’t Hurt...was recorded at the famed Atlas Studios in Chi-Town. The same guys that brought you stuff from The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio have captured The Methadones in all their glory and have them sounding better than ever. Fronted by the venerable Dan Vapid, they have yet another album full of undeniable hits.


1. Six Degrees of Separation
2. Getting Older/Losing Touch
3. Poor Little Rich Girl (In A Rebel Phase)
4. Street In My Hometown
5. Turning Up The Noise
6. Where Did You Hide The Sun???
7. Falling Forward
8. Alcohol Makes The World Go Around
9. Break Out of My Head
10. Starting Line
11. I Believe
12. Already Gone