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Elegant Balloons LP AIV017

“ELEGANT BALLOONS” is the sophomore album by Cardiff’s BEDFORD FALLS, which has been 5 years in the making since their critically acclaimed debut “SAVINGS AND LOAN”. BEDFORD FALLS take their love of driving powerful indie rock and give us 12 barnstormers that show that the band have added a more powerful urgent edge to their sound since “Savings” - and the best part is the exemplary songwriting - that put them heads and shoulders above others in this genre - is even better this time around as well. “Elegant Balloons” is the album that should give BEDFORD FALLS the recognition they deserve.

Pressing Information

300 x White Vinyl


  1. Cunningham
  2. Prick
  3. Corningstone
  4. Connor
  5. Burgundy
  6. St. Swithin's Day
  7. Annabella
  8. Disappointment
  9. Crockherbton
  10. Summerdress
  11. Welsh Cakes And Irn Bru
  12. The Nearness Of You