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Split 7" AIV021

Fans of The Steve Adamyk Band will be pleased to know they haven't changed their simple yet magic formula that has produced nothing but hits so far. They follow up their recent album, Third, with 2 more really well crafted energetic garagey pop-punk songs. If you like the Marked Men but aren't familiar with the Steve Adamyk Band, I suggest you take a listen below to your new favourite band.

One listen to the Dauntless Elite and you won't need me to tell you they are from the north of England. These latest songs are as much a nod towards the current crop of amazing Canadian garage / power pop bands as they are to the more familiar "Fest" sound you may have come to expect from them. The result are 2 bouncy, catchy songs that'll have you singing along in your best Leeds accents.

This is the 3rd record in our 3rd series of split 7"s. They all come on colour vinyl and include a digital download

Now onto the second and final pressing, on orange vinyl

Pressing Information

1st Pressing: 100 on Green, 200 on Brown
2nd Pressing: 300 on Orange


  1. The Steve Adamyk Band - Broken Neck
  2. The Steve Adamyk Band - I've Had Enough
  3. Dauntless Elite - Beam Me Up Buttercup
  4. Dauntless Elite - Sudo
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