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After two years slovenian punks INxSANE are back with split 10" with long time friends Despite Everything from Greece.

INxSANE from Gornja Radgona, Slovenija, are still going strong after being a band for 15 years. The heart and soul of the band is D.I.Y. attitude which is rooted somewhere deep inside their souls. After excellent previous albums “Keeping Ourselves Close To Our Hearts” and “Trust These Hands… Are Worthless.”, and hundreds of shows all around Europe and even USA, INxSANE are at it again. On the new split record INxSANE deliver two new songs in their own brand of heartcore. It means songs are emotional, but far from being weepy.They remained loyal to their own formula of energetic punk rock, enriched with plenty of hardcore/emo/rock elements and rhythmical twists that give their music special dynamics and charm. The mix of catchy melodies, sharp guitars, thundering bass, fast raging rhythms and breakdowns, along with dual screaming and singing vocals doesn't leave any room for indifference. On the contrary, it will grab you, suck you in and make you ask for more. INxSANE represent all that punk rock should be about – energy, dedication, passion and, of course, D.I.Y. ethics.

Out of the sewers of Greece's dirty capital, buried underneath the Acropolis, breathes lives and exists this 4 piece ticking time bomb in a basement situated in a dodgy street in Athens. Despite Everything formed in early 2008 by fellow individuals colliding with each other to create music made with passion, for those willing to put their fists up and sing their hearts out in an effort to not to be silenced by the sound of a city drowning in its own dirty waters. Musically roots of Despite Everything have been planted in the Californian punkrock scene, but through the years their has broadened and has certainly gained more depth. Just give it a taste and you won't regret it. Despite Everything have released so far two 7'' EP's, "In Desperate Times" (2009) and "With My Bear Hands" (2010). In the past 2 years the band has done over 100 shows around Europe and US in the dirtiest squats, basements, garages, and bars.

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