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BUZZorHOWL / Chestnut Road

I think BUZZorHOWL sum their sound up nicely with the line "We heard guitar was in trouble. We came as soon as we could". But for those of you who need a little bit more, the band hail from Liverpool, UK and include members of DRIVE and JAILCELL RECIPES. They released their debut 7" in 2013 (a split with Good Grief) on Drunken Sailor Records. This is their second release, there are 2 tracks and they are both killer!

Those of you who've been following Brassneck (or indeed punk) for a while will be more than familiar with the name CHESTNUT ROAD. But if you somehow missed them, they are a 3 piece band from Toulouse, France. They released their debut LP and a couple of amazing split 7"s in 2013 and this is their first release of 2014. If I was looking for an easy point of reference, I would say they sounded loosely like a bunch of guys who love bands like Leatherface and Broccoli, etc. As such, Chestnut Road love Leatherface & Broccoli. They are also one of the greatest bands out there at the moment. 2 brand new songs availble here.

A1 - BUZZorHOWL - Little Cop
A2 - BUZZorHOWL - Overesque
B1 - Chestnut Road - Dust
B2 - Chestnut Road - Swallow's Flight

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Brassneck Records
Black Vinyl