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Split AIV029

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Science Police feature Grath Madden (Steinways, House Boat, Barrakuda McMurder), Marisa (Besties, Ergquist), Andy (Panther Moderns), Joe Evans (Joe Evans), Ace and Grivet (both Steinways). I think from that list of amazing pop-punk bands you'll have a pretty good idea what they sound like. Take a listen below, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Describing themselves as 'Buddy Holly's grandchildren', the Zatopeks formed in Birmingham, England in the early part of the 2000s but soon moved to sunnier pastures (well Berlin, London and Bristol!). They've been leading the UK scene for a while now with their 50's influenced pogo pop punk, accompanied with their nostalgic romanticism.

All records come on colour vinyl with screen-printed covers and a digital download.

This is the 6th and final record in the 3rd series of split 7"s... Series 4 coming soon!

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Pressing Information

200 on Orange
100 on Clear


  1. Deviled Ham
  2. Gentile Comedy
  3. Sesame Street
  4. Hang My Hat Up Straight
  5. All My Dreams Are Borrowed