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Over the years no band has stood up and flown the flag for rock and roll quite like Winnebago Deal has. Mixing up hard rock sensibility with high-energy punk rock they cast a suspicious and cynical eye over anybody stupid enough not to appreciate this simple yet solid aesthetic. Surviving a nuclear holocaust of bad fashion, bad ideas and short-lived trends that music in the 21st century has thrown up, the 'Deal always come out unscathed. Why? Because rather than relying on a haircut and five minutes of fame Winnebago Deal stick to something that will always be understood. Playing rock and roll.

Returning after a four year hiatus Oxford’s bastard sons of noise, Winnebago Deal recently re-united for two sold out, sweaty, chaotic shows that will go down in gig folklore. Swiftly re-affirming their stature as one of the loudest and hardest two piece bands ever conceived, they raised both, Oxford’s Cellar club and London’s, Black Heart to the ground leaving the question on everybody’s lips, ‘what next?’… the new ‘Bail Out EP’, that’s what. ‘Bail Out’ is four unreleased tracks that are classic ‘Deal, recorded during the sessions of their punk alter ego The Dresdens. Tales of incarceration, betrayal, revenge and criminal behaviour, all served up with their inimitable rock n’roll fury. Razor sharp, urgent and ultimately infectious, these recordings demonstrate their rawer, punker side whilst still retaining the signature aesthetic that make them so unique.

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