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Split AIV035

Guerilla Poubelle (FR) and Arms Aloft (US), along with a globe-spanning coalition of DIY labels, are proud to bring you a new split release, “Taches Noires Vivantes / Living Black Spots”. Featuring two new songs from each band, the record’s theme and title reflect the ideas that bring the bands together in the first place: That pessimism and darkness should always be embraced, but that despite it, we should always be creating and always be pushing back. Along with Guerilla Poubelle’s self-run Guerilla Asso., the record will be released and made available worldwide through All-In Vinyl (UK), Eager Beaver Records (JP), Hectic Society Records (GER) and Gilead Media (US). We all hope you enjoy it, and keep your heads up, punks.

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500 on red vinyl


  1. Gardien de prison
  2. lamour est un chien de lenfer
  3. The voyage of the dawndreaders
  4. Three altars for rats