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Split 7"


Dead Bars was formed in 2013 by two drummers from New Jersey who met each other while both living in Seattle, WA. John Maiello and C.J. Frederick (ex- Big Eyes) have been playing drums in punk and hardcore bands for years, but it wasn't until John decided to step away from the kit and front his own band that he was finally able to embrace his love for fast, catchy, punk rock n' roll. After 3 excellent EPs released on No Idea Records and Eager Beaver, they follow it up with 2 more hits on this split. Once described as "unhinged pop punk", I think that perfectly describes their simple, grotty, yet hook-laden style.

Hopefully you are familiar with Scottish pop-punks The Kimberly Steaks by now. 2014's "To Live and Die In West Central Scotland" appeared on numerous end of year lists with it's 90s influenced (Fifteen/Green Day/Osker) punk rock. As fast, infectious and fun as ever!

Two new songs from each band on cream coloured vinyl, with screen printed covers and instant download. This is the 4th in our latest series of split 7"s, full details here -

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300 on cream vinyl


  1. I Love NY & You and I
  2. Suffocated
  3. Off the grid