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bows are a new(ish) band from Japan who follow in the tradition of fellow countrymen Minority Blues Band, I Excuse, The Urchin, etc in celebrating their love of the mighty Leatherface. The 3 songs on this 7" are no copycat material though, bows bring something different to the party. A recent translation from their native tongue describes their sound as being full of "bursty burst codes and delicate side dishes" and, while I won't pretend to know what that means, I think the words hint at some of the raw energy and fragile melancholy on offer here. But "fragile" in the very punkest of sense of course. Check out bows today and discover your new favourite Japanese band.

A1 - Neverunite
B1 - Against The Wave Of Depression
B2 - Why Does It Always End Up Like This?