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The Domestics
Cherry Blossom Life

Cherry Blossom Life is the third album from East Anglian hardcore bruisers, THE DOMESTICS. This record sees them drawing evermore on their Japanese, Swedish and USHC influences, integrating them further into their already ferociously defined sound.

It’s fast, it’s rabidly pissed off, but it’s not just another formula hardcore record. Check some of the lyrical themes here – from philosophical musings on the concept of love (and how it’s sold to us) to the plight of migrants exploited by employers in destination countries; from notions of authenticity in punk, domestic violence, the purging of destructive familial ties and the usual dose of loathing (self and otherwise). And that’s just for starters.

Cherry Blossom Life is a more musically stripped-down record than its predecessor, Routine & Ritual, now that the band has pared down to a four piece, but this seems only to have focused their rage across these 17 tracks all the more.