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Good Friend
The Erin Rose EP

Three new songs from Ireland's sexiest punk trio, Good Friend. The band has toured Europe, toured the USA, and next they’re looking forward to a run of shows with Red City Radio. So new music for the upcoming tour was a must, and this EP kicks off with the single, “Erin Rose Drinks on Shift”, which is a rousing rock-punk jam that is hotter than cup o’ Irish Coffee (preferably Bushmill’s). Just to give you an idea about how wild this 7" is, one side is 45 RPM and the flipside is 33 RPM. That's some Zappa shit. Every label needs at least one piece of oddball vinyl like that, right?


01. Erin Rose Drinks on Shift
02. We'll Burn That Bridge When We Get to It
03. Rusted Friends