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Harmony Beach builds on the band’s 1960s influenced garage pop sounds by introducing elements that take in the distorted alt-rock of Dinosaur Jr, whilst adding some of the widescreen pop of Teenage Fanclub and the dark melodies of Elliott Smith.The band features Sam Forrest of Nine Black Alps on guitar and vocals, Danny Trew Barton of White Firs on bass.

Sewage Farm - Alien Alone
Sewage Farm - Mindless Apathy
Sewage Farm - Take the Pain Away
Sewage Farm - Killing a Man
Sewage Farm - Underneath Your Window
Sewage Farm - Trampoline
Sewage Farm - On the Brighter Side
Sewage Farm - Top of the World
Sewage Farm - Don’t You Wanna Dance
Sewage Farm - Born to Lose
Sewage Farm - My Last Hour
Sewage Farm - Justin Got Bored