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Primetime Failure
Memory Lane

"Primetime Failure always liked the wheel ... why reinvent something you can give a nice polish and put it back on the streets to ride it all the way down "Memory Lane".
On their second offering, the four (still!) thirty-somethings hit the road running again, offering eight new tracks full of melodies you'll find your self humming along to "sooner or later", reminding you of days long gone and sure to be the soundtrack to endless summers to come."

Their latest offerings first pressing is limited to 300 copies of 140gr colored vinyl (100 solid yellow / 200 solid red) and comes with a screenprinted b-side, so it will al least look nice on your wall in case you hate the music ...

Album Artwork by SBÄM, Screenprint designed by Willi Capsa.
All the dirty work done by"

1. All Hope Is Gone
2. Apologies, I Have Some
3. Memory Lane
4. 19
5. Bricking The Lord
6. Broken
7. Watch It Burn
8. Brad