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Losers Of The Year

For the uninitiated, Sludgeworth are Chicago punk pioneers from the 1980’s that released a posthumous collection / discography album on Lookout Records back in the day - and it sold tens of thousands of copies, which was impressive for a defunct band.

With members of Screeching Weasel, they had obvious leanings towards melodic punk, but they also had a quintessential Midwest sound mixed in with some post-punk. Think Naked Raygun and Fugazi.

And now, for the first time ever, Red Scare brings you Losers of the Year on vinyl.

And we didn’t stop there: we’ve added two unreleased songs to the CD version of this album. Wild, right?! The band actually broke up in the studio (drama!) during a recording session, but we’ve managed to salvage some of that unheard material for this milestone release. Once again, it’s Red Scare to the rescue!