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Back Teeth

Based in various locations around the Midlands from Birmingham to Stratford reside the various members of Back Teeth. Having all met while partying it up at Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, 2022, this bunch of chancers and ex-members unfortunately decided to form a band. There was an immediate click and after months of arguing, tears and tantrums they called it Back Teeth. A few songs were written, some gigs were booked and here we now are with the first release of a 7” with 4 of those songs on.

Members include Dave playing bass, Lewis on guitar/vocals, Tom on drums & Paul on guitar. All mem- bers are ex-members of bands no one’s ever heard of but have a rich heritage of British DIY punk rock. Back Teeth could basically be described as a “Fest” band, gruff punk or org-core. If you know what “Fest” is and the bands associated, you know Back Teeth.

Mixed by Jeff Dean from The Bomb/Her Heads On Fire/a million other great bands and mastered by Daly George.