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Sites Merged!

So, I finally merged our 2 sites and gave everything a new look.  The main advantage is all the distro records are available to everyone, not just UK residents.  Not only that but stock levels are adjusted automatically so no more emails from me telling you that we've sold out of something - if it's on the site, it's in stock!  

I reduced the price of a lot of the old stock, so whilst you are waiting for the first 2014 records to arrive in the distro, pick up a bargain or two.  We only have 1 copy left of a lot of the records in the store, so don't sleep on it!  

For now everything is in alphabetical order but as and when we get new stock I'll add it to the top of the site to make it easy to see the latest records we've got in.

I'll post a label update in the next few days - lots planned for the upcoming year.

Posted on January 7th, 2014