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Series 3 Test Press Winners

The Science Police / Zatopeks 7"s arrived this morning and after a very busy day everyone who subscribed to the series or ordered a copy last week has their record in the post.   

All six 7"s from the series are streaming on our site - 1 is already OOP, another is on it's second (and final) pressing and 2 others are very very close to being OOP (less than 20 copies).  I don't want to say which are close to being sold out as last series when I did that we had a surge in sales for those 7"s followed by people flipping them on Ebay.  This way anyone who genuinely wants a copy can get one for a fair price.  If you're interested in any of them, now would be a good time to get involved!  

The test press winners were as follows:

Kazuo Miki - Canadian Rifle / Zapiain

Nick Rainey - Arms Aloft / Leagues Apart

Chris Hather - Steve Adamyk Band / Dauntless Elite

Bren Webb - Dan Padilla / Down & Outs

Chris Stinnett - Timeshares / Dividers

Corey Dunker - Science Police / Zatopeks

If you are desperate for a test press for one of these releases, get in touch as I do have 1 or 2 spare for each 7"

There will be a series 4, and although I have about half the bands confirmed already, I won't be rushing into anything.  More news when I have a firm release schedule - most likely not until early October

Posted on August 1st, 2014