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Upcoming Releases

A quick update about our upcoming releases.  Firstly, The Gamits & Murderburgers 7" has been pushed back a little unfortunately.  Due to personal reasons The Gamits had to postpone their recording until early April, so it should be early June when the 7" is ready to ship. 

The good news is that series 3 of the split 7"s should start in July / August and we're going to make sure this time that all the records are released within a 6 month period (rather than a year) so there will be less waiting time.  The majority of the bands are already confirmed and it's going to be great - so many excellent bands, we can't wait to announce the line-up in a couple of months. 

Our next release however is going to be a split 7" between Great Apes and Daikon from California, probably ready for early May - hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll have the songs available to stream on our site, definitely something to look forward to! 

There are a couple of other releases most likely happening later in the year - as soon as they are finalised, we'll post the details here.

Posted on March 6th, 2012